GENE 3200 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Sister Chromatids, Allosome, Prometaphase

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22 Mar 2019

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Exam 3 learning objectives: describe the stages of the cell cycle of mitosis and meiosis. Describe the major function of each step in each cycle, specifically with regards to the chromosomes: mitosis: a type of cell division which produces (two) daughter cells that are genetically identical to the parent cell. Interphase- transcription/translation of genetic information: prophase i, recombination occurs in prophase i of meiosis, pairing of homologous chromosomes, late prophase i- spindle formation (mts, metaphase i. Prophase 1: explain how the behavior of chromosomes during meiosis leads to each segregation and independent assortment, the two alleles of genotype rr are located on homologous chromosomes which replicate in the s phase of meiosis. In prophase i of meiosis, crossing over may take place or may not. If no crossing over takes place, the two chromatids of each chromosome segregate in anaphase ii and are identical.