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Global trend #1: pace of economic development in countries has resulted in shifts from rural agricultural societies to urbanized industrial landscapes with changes in social and family structures. Global trend #2: combo of the increased population of older adults worldwide, cultural changes, and economic patterns may disrupt family and social structures. Life expectancy: life expectancy in europe is one of the highest, na: 42nd in life expectancy- 79. 8, africa is low in life expectancy overall: depends on country within, asia is the best in life expectancy, latin america: average. Rising life expectancy at birth is not universal: chad, russia: medical care system, poverty, war. Industrial revolution: technology, rich/healthy, economies, transportation, public safety, education, exposure to crime/violence/social disorder. Income: health, show country averages where part of the country may be up in the best or the worst, aid/trade/technology/peach, fertility/migration can affect the age and even sex population numbers how they are calcuated.

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