HIST 3057 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Albert J. Beveridge

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30 Dec 2015

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625 rudy and kipling | the white man"s burden 1899. Take up the white man"s burden who: english writer us and the philippine islands what: british like imperialism on us where: us philippines when: 1899 - spanish war why: White man"s duty to civilize non white nations. 632 theodore roosevelt | the strenuous life 1899 who: theo roosevelt what: international affairs where: us when: 1899 - spanish war / imperial age why: Citizens need to live strenuous life - civilized. Greatness -> have to be american ( manhood) = war. 647 - 648 albert beveridge | march of the flag 1898 who: albert beveridge (running for u. s senator) where: us when: end of spanish war troops in philippines what: speech annexation of spain"s former colonies why: If england can govern land, so can america level with england. Jefferson = imperialists burden as white man to expand.