HIST 3057 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Telephone Call, White Southerners, Lyndon B. Johnson

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31 Dec 2015

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Blacks will never vote in large numbers until federal marshal"s intervene. Registration workers will assist voters and freedom schools. 852 nancy ellin | letter describing freedom summer. Nancy was a white volunteer for freedom summer. Show young children they should not hate whites. Communities in bad condition (populated and dirty) 854 letter from a freedom summer volunteer 1964. Describing how it is like after deaths. Mickey schwerner and jimmy chancy found dead. They were friendly and giving men; respected. Shows that those blacks had lives and were good people. 855 white southerners respond to freedom summer 1964. Talk about wealth gap and negroes not voting. Military occupation of mississippi if that can be arranged. 856 fannie lou | address to democratic national convention credentials. Mf dp attempt to unseat all white mississippi desegation. Dangerous america - not home of the free. Blacks are blamed and mistreated = fear. 857 lyndon b johnson | monitoring mfdp challenge 1964.

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