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International Affairs
INTL 4250
Loch K Johnson

Rising Threats, Enduring Challenges Andrew Price-Smith Part II: Theory and Grand Strategy One World, Rival Theories – Jack Snyder • Main Idea: Three main theories are behind almost all international relations: Liberal, Realist, and Constructivist. The Liberal Theory argues that through state cooperation and institutions and globalization, countries will be come more democratic and, therefore, more peaceful. The Realist Theory argues that states are self-seeking in an archaic world and that stronger economies and military's can help states reach their most powerful points, creating a peaceful world based on deterrence. The Constructivist Theory argues that values and moral create positive foreign policy and international relations.All three are flawed and all three also have a role in the international system and foreign policy. Why We Fight Over Foreign Policy – Henry Nau • Main Idea:All foreign policy decisions can be made from differing perspectives. Depending on the perspective that you follow could control the outcome
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