LING 2100 Midterm: Exam 3 Study Notes at UGA

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Expressions that can or must co-occur with a certain expression. Expressions whose occurrence in a sentence is completely optional. String of words does not form a sentence. Expression that must occur if some other expression occurs in that sentence as. Syntax how sentences and other phrases can be constructed out of smaller phrases and words. Grammatical string of words forms a sentence in a given language. Word order how expressions are allowed to be ordered in relation to one another. Syntactic constituent collection of syntactic units that seem to form a larger unit together. Removing one part of the constituent makes the sentence ungrammatical. Determining constituents (3 ways) 1) answer to a grammatical question about the sentence. 2)clefting- shifting a constituent (x) to the left of the rest of the sentence (y) 3)pro-form substitution- replacing part of the sentence with a pronoun, verb (do, be, have), there, then, such.

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