LING 2100 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Articulatory Phonetics, Acoustic Phonetics, Vocal Tract

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Phonetics articulatory phonetics the study of the production of speech sounds acoustic phonetics sounds auditory phonetics x-ray photography reveal the details of the functioning of the vocal apparatus. The entirety of how a sound is produced is revealed and can actually be seen as it happens. palatography experimental method that shows the contact between the tongue and the roof of the mouth. Can be static or dynamic. sound spectrograph equipment that generates spectrograms from speech input impressionistic phonetic transcription a method of writing down speech sounds in order to capture what is said and how it is pronounced phone sound. Co-articulation the adjustment of articulation of a segment due to the influence of a neighboring sound(s) segments into consonants and vowels. Suprasegmentals tone, or stress, that "rides on top of" segmental features. Trachea vocal folds vibrate glottis space between the vocal folds. Voicing voiced sounds made by vibrations of vocal folds voiceless.

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