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Genius: individual instance of divine nature that is present in every individual, place, or thing. Genius loci: spirit or divine nature that is present in a place. Sacro-idyllic scene = depiction of perfect nature. Suburbana: rustica or urbana located on outskirts of city. *leisure pursuit features: sculpture galleries, libraries, baths, temples. *garden features: covered walks, sculpture, fountains, grottos, nymphaea, mosaics. Dank ass maritime theatre in the round location where all buildings" axes meet. Migration period: time of widespread migrations within or into europe during middle of first millennium. Emergence of the islamic empire (1500s) . Expansion of trade and learning between east and west that lasted hundreds of years. Advances in science, mathematics, and education the foundations for the renaissance. Ummah = community or nation of believers . Caliph = successor to muhammed, head of state & supreme religious. Caliphate = first system of governance established in islam. Masjid al haram mecca, saudi arabia (2130 bce) leader.

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