LAND 2510 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Moon Gate, Shan Shui, Muqarnas

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(link to quiz #2 review aka roman villas to italian mannerist design) https://docs. google. com/document/d/1pqdw_7qsopk1e043zjlyhctf0bqgnwkqp87ai29cnos. Minbar: pulpit qibla wall: oriented toward mecca entry portals. A shallow pool of water, undisturbed by fountain jets. Mosque-place for worship for followers of islam. Wudu - area for ritual cleansing/purification (a fountain) Minbar - raised platform from which an imam (leader of prayer) addresses the congregation. The design consists of a complex array of vertical prisms resembling stalactites. Arabesque - an artistic motif that is characterized by repeating geometric forms (usually of plants or animals) Muqarna - type of corbeled vault used as a decorative element in islamic architecture. Demse - land reserved for the exclusive use and support of the lord. Common lands - land allocated for the use and support of peasants. Free peasant land - land rented to individual peasants. Closes - a type of common land, small areas of enclosed private land such as paddocks, orchards, or gardens, mostly near houses.

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