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Spring, 2016: competitive and monopoly markets, i have drawn in and labelled the industry demand (d). Also label the redistribution from the consumer to producer as redist, when the market changes from a competitive one to a monopoly. 1: complete the following model that illustrates why a cartel is inherently unstable: (a. ) Mc in panel (a). (g. ) now in panel (a), label how much the cartel rm would wish to produce if cheating is not punished and does not cause pm to fall. Label this amount as qcheat. output of the cartel will expand? (h. ) if all cartel rms produce this amount, what is the maximum level to which (i. ) 2: i have started o the model of the dominant rm and competitive fringe. 3: assume that mc= and use the following demand curve: P = 20 2q: i have drawn and labelled the demand curve, d, i have also drawn and labelled the mc curve.

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