MATH 2250 UGA Final Fall 16 Solutions

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31 Jan 2019

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By providing my signature below i acknowledge that i abide by the university"s academic honesty policy. This is my work, and i did not get any help from anyone else: 197: if you need extra space use the last page, please show your work. Ed answer may receive little or no credit: your work must be neat. If i can"t read it (or can"t nd it), i can"t grade it: the total number of possible points that is assigned for each problem is shown here. The number of points for each subproblem is shown within the exam: please turn o your mobile phone, you are only allowed to use a ti-30 cal- culator. No other calculators are per- mitted: a calculator is not necessary, but nu- merical answers should be given in a form that can be directly entered into a calculator. Fall 2016: determine the rst derivative of each of the following functions.

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