MATH 2250 Study Guide - Final Guide: Orbital Period, Bisection Method, Ideal Gas Law

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A correct answer obtained using an incorrect or poorly explained procedure will not be graded for full credit. Please feel free to write as much as you like. Work carefully, and try to complete the problems you nd easier before going back to the harder ones. Remember that you are strongly encouraged to have a non-graphing calculator to complete the exam. Remember also that smartphone (or computer, or other device) use is prohibited on this exam, regardless of what you use it for. 1: (10 points) compute the limit lim x 0 x sin x. 2 2 cos x using any method you like: (10 points) please state the de nition of the derivative as a limit: 2: (15 points) compute the derivatives of the three functions below. For the last problem, your answer should involve the unknown function f (x) and its derivative f (x): d dx x3 2x + 4.