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Mist 2090 - lecture 1: outcome directed thinking and innovation 101. Cognitive frames: how we structure the way we see the world: used to make decisions, most innovation comes from thinking outside the box, how you frame a problem will influence how you solve it. The outcome frame model: initially shift focus onto your desired outcome rather than the details of the problem. Innovation: an invention put into reality; has information systems: information system: people, processes, and information + technology (ppit) Without people, processes, and information, technology is useless. Innovation tends to lead to creative destruction: creative destruction: term coined by economist joseph schumpeter; means that innovation can lead to the destruction of businesses and occurs when companies transform. Attacker"s advantage: smaller firms have the advantage against large firms because they are better able to adapt to changing technologies: big firms defending against innovations: create, operate, trade. Create: create new products encompassing the new technologies.