MIST 2090- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 31 pages long!)

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The canvas: customer segments- slice up how to deliver value, delivering value to whole market or a speci c niche, group that needs something. Even though they might not know they need it: customer demographics. Age, income, culture: value proposition- bundle of products and services that create value for speci c customer segment, bene ts that a company offers customers, channels, how do we get product to customers. Click and mortar (online orders for physical store) Pure click (purely online: customer relationships, to maintain relationship, commodity- roughly same price, widely available. Producers of these might not have high customer relationship but can: increase this relationship, using loyalty cards, recipe surveys, suggests products, revenue streams, revenue- all money that comes in. Business models: industrial manufacturing, product development, retail, distribution, services, subscriptions. Printer and ink cartridge, razor and blades: replacements cause almost as much, freemium. Dropbox, spotify, skype: pay to upgrade to premium or business version, two sided market.

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