MARK 4210 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Augusta, Georgia, Performance Indicator, Customer Satisfaction

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Intro- est rapport-how are you doing?, thank you for meeting with me, Trial run across facilities, work w/ different department heads, contract. Current method of filing or storing info- paper or digital. Have you met your previous projection goals. Dissatisfactions or difficulties -- are you happy with your current system. Is there any part of your current software packages that you are dissatisfied with or creates errors. How hard is it to keep . Are you satisfied with the range of accessibility. Could the slowness of your current software be losing you money by dissatisfied customers. How much could the reliability problem of your current system cost you over time. Could that lead to added costs, time, or inefficiencies. What effect does it have on output or overall business. What advantages would you see from cutting down training time and having skilled workforce with real time data.

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