NRRT 1100E Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Investment, Comparative Advantage, Human Resources

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The following is a general guide that will provide some direction and guidance in your studying for. This would be a low level of resistance for you to travel there: example, exchange rate and having a strong dollar, video, double negative, foreign tourists less likely to visit, domestic tourists more likely to go abroad. 2: 27667 = # of visitor nights x average expenditures per day. Best projection methods to forecast tourism demand (strengths and weaknesses, best practices): Involves interpreting historical data: can be calculated with basic data like past visitor arrivals, but you get what you pay for: trend analysis does not explain the. Why : doesn"t take into account current events such as oil prices, stock market, predict how many tourists will show up next year. Simple regression: explains the relationship between demand and one particular variable, but you can only consider one variable at a time, demand = f(income)