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Rice plants staple food for almost half of the world"s population. Can be destroyed by magnaporthe oryzae (rice blasting fungus) Plans produce most of the oxygen we breathe. Plants produce most of the chemically stored energy we consume as food and burn for fuel. A major objective of plant science is to increase food production. Current estimates indicate that we need to increase production by 70% in the next. Plant scientists can contribute to the alleviation of hunger by developing plants that . Model organism an animal, plant or microbe that can be used to study certain biological processes believing that the discoveries will provide insights for other organisms. Viruses infect humans, causing many diseases including aids, hepatitis, sars, swine. Adolf mayer (1843-1942) was a german agricultural chemist whose work on tobacco mosaic disease played an important role in the discovery of tobacco mosaic virus and viruses in general.

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