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Elected to the us state house in 1990. Paul ryan (r-wi) is speaker of the house. Nancy pelosi (d-ca) is now the minority leader. Speaker is selected by members of the house. Ryan needed 218 (majority of 435 members) votes. Got 236, but 9 republicans voted against ryan. (cid:862)forked-tongued five(cid:863) people who ran on promising to vote against boehner and then once elected they went against what they said and voted for him. All 13 states had to unanimously vote to amend the articles of confederation. The 55 delegates meeting in philadelphia in 1787 were able to draw from their revolutionary war experience. (cid:862)i s(cid:373)elled a (cid:396)at i(cid:374) philadelphia(cid:863) the virginia plan introduced by edmund randolph of virginia. Members of the lower chamber apportioned among the states by population and directly elected lower chamber would elect members of the upper chamber from lists the new jersey plan. Alternative proposed by new jersey delegate william paterson.

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