POLS 1101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Enumerated Powers, Theocracy, Reserve Power

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Government: consists of institutions and the legally prescribed process for making and enforcing collective agreements. May assume various forms (monarchy, representative democracy, theocracy, dictatorship) Public good: everyone participates in supplying and which anyone can freely consume, as much as he/she desires. No one can be excluded from their benefits. Federal: shared authority b/w central and state gov. Concurrent power: power shared by federal and state gov. Direct democracy: citizens participate directly in collective decision making, is reserved mainly for small organizations/communities. Political culture: set of attitudes/beliefs which give order + meaning to a political process which provide assumptions and rules that govern behavior in the political system. Implied powers: powers of u. s. gov. that are not explicitly granted by the. Constitution but that is implied by the necessary and proper clause to be delegated for the purpose of carrying out the enumerated powers. Necessary and proper clause ((cid:553)elastic clause(cid:554)) article 1,