POLS 1101 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - United States Congress, United States Constitution, President Of The United States

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Government is made up of the institution and procedures by which people are rules. Autocracy (ex: north korea, cuba, saudi arabia, iran) -- single, non-elected leader. Oligarchy (ex: russia, china) -- small group of leaders not accountable to citizens. Democracy (ex: usa, germany, australia, south korea) -- permits citizens to have a significant role in the government, often through elected leaders. Authoritarian -- gov doesn"t technically have limits, but de facto it does have restraints from other institutions. Constitutional -- gov is constrained in what it can do (substantive limits) and the methods by which it can make changes (procedural limits) Conflict over the leadership, structure, and policies of governments. Goal in politics is having a say in what happens. This conflict can be shaped by 2 diff forms of democratic government: Us has grown in pop from 3. 9 mil in 1790 (first official census) to 318 mil in 2014.

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