POLS 1101 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Coordination Game, Jury Trial, Collective Action

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Study guide for first midterm exam, fall 2015. The rst midterm exam is worth 25 points towards your nal grade in the class. The test will consist of 52 multiple choice questions, each worth a half point. (hence, you could earn a bonus point towards your nal grade, for 26 points. ) The exam will be held during our regu- lar lecture meeting on september 16, so you will have 50 minutes to complete the exam. Useful study tools for the exam, including practice quizzes, can be found at the studyspace website: http://www. wwnorton. com/college/polisci/american-political-system/. Recall that approximately 10% of the test questions will be related to georgia politics. Also, the exam will be split across the rst four units so that approximately 13 questions will come from each unit. To prepare for the exam, be sure you can complete all of the following objectives:

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