POUL 2020- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 41 pages long!)

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2 physiological systems are mainly responsible for the structural integrity of poultry: skeletal system, muscular system. *key in maximizing efficiency of energy utilization for flight. Air sacs are a way the chicken contracts and breathe: include the skull, humerus, clavicle, keel (sternum), pelvic girdle, and the lumbar and sacral vertebrate, the humerus connects with the clavicular air sac, pec. Minor (supracoracoideuos) tendon passes through foramen triosseum (or triosseal coral) to raise the wings: another important type of bone in the avian skeleton are medullary bones. Georgia is #7 poultry producing in the world. Domesticated birds that are incorporated within a commercial enterprise with the goal of producing beneficial products to man (i. e food) 2015: almost 9 billion broilers; 50 million lbs; 90 billion $ Table eggs (usa): 12. 5 billion $; 100 billion eggs. No religious controversy with poultry like there is with pork and beef.