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PSYC 3230

Test 6 Review 1. One’s sense of maleness or femaleness is called a. Gender identity 2. The most common personality characteristic of rapists is a. Impulsivity 3. To be diagnosed with a paraphilia, a person a. Must have acted on the sexual fantasies 4. It was once believed that masturbation caused a. Insanity 5. Social-skills training is most likely to be used in the treatment of a. Rapists 6. Autogynephilia is a. Sexual arousal in a male by the thought or fantasy of being a woman 7. Cross-gender identification is characteristic of a. Gender identity disorder 8. Most female transsexuals a. Have always felt that they should be male 9. Dyspareunia a. Is a disorder involving genital pain associated with intercourse 10. Sexual variants illustrate a theme in abnormal psychology better than any other category of disorder. Which theme? a. The difficulty of defining the boundaries of normal and abnormal 11. Extrapyramidal side effects a. Are involuntary movements that result mainly from taking first-generation antipsychotic drugs 12. Cognitive-behavioral treatment for people with schizophrenia a. Tries to help people question their delusions to help reduce their intensity 13. In genetic studies, a “proband” or “index case” is someone who a. Has the disorder of interest 14. Studies of neurocognition have found a. People with schizophrenia are unable to pay attention on demand and don’t habituate to stimuli 15. Which of the following could be described as short-term schizophrenia? a. Schizophreniform disorder 16. Most boys with gender identity disorder a. Become homosexual adults who no longer wish to change their gender 17. Aman who is aroused by the thought of himself as a woman has the paraphilia known as a. Autogynephilia 18. Which of the following is suggested by the effectiveness of second-generation antipsychotics in the treatment of schizophrenia? a. More than one brain area or neurotransmitter is involved in producing the symptoms of schizophrenia 19. The most common form of incest is between a. Brother and sister 20. Which of the following is an example of a negative symptom? a. Emotional unresponsiveness 21. Amphetamine psychosis resembles a. Paranoid schizophrenia 22. ________ often desire master or dominance over their partners, believe that their partners will benefit from sexual contact, and some tend to idealize their partners for their simplicity and innocence. a. Pedophiles 23. Martin has always felt he was really a girl. He dressed in girl’s clothing as a child and still wants to be a girl. He is sure a mistake was made and that he is inhabiting the wrong body. Martin’s symptoms suggest a diagnosis of a. Gender identity disorder 24. Angela is 10 and has been a victim of sexual abuse. The short-term effects a. May include fears and sexual inappropriateness, but there is no single response syndrome 25. What do the drugs lupron and Depo-Provera have in common? a. They are drugs used to chemically castrate sex offenders 26. The most common theory about voyeurs a. They have difficulty related to women and find that peeping satisfies needs in a way that feels sage and powerful 27. According to the DSM-IV-TR, the two components of gender identity disorder are cross- gender identification and ________. a. Gender dysphoria 28. Autogynephilic transsexuals differ from homosexual transsexuals in that a. they are not especially feminine 29. Gary finds himself sexual aroused by dressing in women’s clothing. He sometimes steals the clothes from women and from stores. He has a wife and is happy in his marriage. Gary’s most likely diagnosis a. Transvestic fetishism 30. Newer research suggests the sequence of desire leading to orgasm a. Often doesn’t apply to women 31. Pedophilia frequently involves a. Fondling 32. Which of the following is cross-culturally universal? a. Males value appearance more than females 33. Which of the following is a true statement about attitudes in the United States about masturbation? a. Masturbation is no longer viewed as a disordered behavior, but public discussion of it may be actively discouraged 34. Which of the following sexual statements is true? a. Sexual practices and standards are constantly evolving 35. Males who have been raped a. Show similar long-term psychological distress as women do 36. According to Dr. Kellogg, what treatment should be used as a last resort when a boy persistently exhibits weakness, signs of consumption, and mock piety? a. Circumcision without anaethesia 37. Among psychoanalysts, homosexuality was first seen as ___________ but later was seen as _____________. a. Avariation of sexual function; a pathological escape from heterosexuality 38. During which phase of the sexual response is there a characteristic sense of well-being and relaxation? a. Resolution 39. It is quite rare for pedophilia to a. Involve a female pedophile 40. What is a paraphilia? a. Persistent sexual behavior patterns in which unusual objects or situations are required for sexual satisfaction 41. Most transsexuals a. Have gender identity disorder 42. Most sadists are a. Heterosexual men 43. “Semen is responsible for masculine characteristics such as beard growth and for general physical and sexual vigor. Therefore, wasting semen through masturbation and patronizing prostitutes is damaging to the nervous system.” This best illustrates the ______ theory of sexual behavior. a. Degeneracy 44. “Victim-precipitated” rape is a. Aconcept often used by defense attorneys 45. According to DSM IV TR, the two components of gender identity disorder are cross-gender identification and a. Gender dysphoria 46. Most rapes a. Occur near where the rapist lives 47. Incest a. Was once used to protect royal blood in Egypt 48. Which statement about hypoactive sexual desire disorder is true? a. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder usually has no identifiable biological basis 49. Dr. Young says, “Childhood sexual abuse has both short- and long-term consequences…..” Which part of this statement is inaccurate? a. Nothing about this statement is inaccurate 50. Childhood sexual abuse is associated with which of the following forms of adult psychopathology? a. All of the above (somatization, DID, borderline) 51. According to the abstinence theory, all are necessary for health except? a. Intellectual stimulation 52. Ted is a rapist. If he is typical of most convicted rapists, he a. Is under 25 and has a prior criminal record 53. Which is most likely to be mistaken for schizophrenia? a. Schizotypal 54. The McMartin Preschool case demonstrates how a. Interviewing style can alter the nature of a child’s testimony 55. Satiation is one approach to the treatment of sex offenders. It involves a. Continuous masturbation to a paraphilic fantasy 56. Which statement about the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse is accurate? a. Because definitions vary widely, estimates of prevalence vary widely, too 57. Childhood sexual abuse may be difficult to detect because a. Many children show no symptoms 58. Money and others have suggested that men are more vulnerable to paraphilias because a. Sexual arousal in men is more visually based than the sexual arousal of women 59. Research about sexuality is a. Surprisingly limited due to taboos and political controversies surrounding sexual topics 60. Which best explains why homosexual pedophilic interactions are as common as they are? a. Pedophiles are relatively indifferent to the sex of their victim 61. What do Graham Crackers and Kellogg’s Corn Flakes have in common? a. They were developed to curb sexual desire 62. Freud a. Was much more accepting of homosexuality than his contemporaries 63. Gender _______ refers to one’s sense of maleness or femaleness a. Identity 64. Which is a valid argument against the use of surgical sex reassignment for gender identity disorder? a. Surgery should not be used to treat a psychological disorder 65. What is unique about some of the disorders described as sexual variants? a. They clearly do not harm anyone 66. The _____ enjoys inflicting paid, while the _______ desires pain and degradation a. Sadist; masochist 67. Sexual dysfunctions a. Involve the impairment of either the desire for sexual gratification or the ability to achieve it 68. Most children with gender identity disorder a. Who seek treatment are boys 69. Research on memory finds that a. False memories can be experimentally induced 70. Which of the following is a form of sexual abuse found in the DSM? a. Pedophilia 71. Which of the following is most likely to be a victim of incest? a. Astepdaughter 72. Sam was a child with gender identity disorder. Now he is 26 and wants to become a woman. Psychologists would now consider Sam a a. Transsexual 73. “Victim-precipitated rape” a. Is a concept consistent with the view of rape as a sexually motivated act/used by attorneys. 74. Which of the following has been shown to increase the accuracy of the reporting of sexual abuse by child victims? a. None of the above 75. Patients in a catatonic stupor a. Resists efforts to change their position 76. Which is a plausible explanation for how maternal influenza might lead to schizophrenia later in life? a. Maternal antibodies could cross the placenta and interfere with brain development such that the risk of developing schizophrenia is enhanced later in life 77. If schizophrenia were exclusively a genetic disorder, a. Marrying a schizophrenic would not increase the likelihood of developing schizophrenia 78. Based on current research, which statement is most justified? a. Genetics increase a person’s vulnerability to develop schizophrenia 79. Conventional antipsychotics a. Work by blocking dopamine receptors 80. Dejuan is highly suggestible and automatically obeys the commands of his brother. He sometimes stands in a strange posture for hours…. a. Catatonic 81. Why are men more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia than women? a. Evidence suggests that there may be gender-related differences in illness severity/women tend to get misdiagnosed. 82. What is the most common sexual offense reported to police? a. Exhibitionism 83. Very young children a. Are capable of correctly recalling events but are vulnerable to more types of post-event distortions than adults 84. The recidivism rates for rapists a. Decrease steadily with age 85. Rape shield laws a. Limit the amount of information about a victim’s past sexual history that can be used in court 86. What do rape and incest have in common? a. The accuracy of prevalence estimates is questioned 87. Glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter that researchers suspect might be involved in schizophrenia because a. It can produce schizophrenic-like symptoms in normal subjects 88. Which of the following is a brain area that has been shown to be involved in schizophrenia? a. Hippocampus 89. Moira is schizophrenic. She giggles a lot, acts silly, and talks “baby talk”. She most likely belongs to the _____ subtype of schizophrenia a. Disorganized 90. Joe has a delusional belief. When people argue with him a. He doesn’t admit he could be wrong, no matter what proof he is shown 91. Most transsexuals a. Have gender identity disorder as children 92. Disorganized schizophrenia a. Was once called hebephrenic schizophrenia 93. Serial killers tend to be a. Sexual sadists 94. The role of anxiety in erectile dysfunction a. Is not necessarily the problem – it is the cognitions associated with anxiety 95. Which of the following suggest that rape is motivated by sex, not just aggression? a. The age distribution of rape victims 96. Studies of sex offenders a. Suggest that all rapists have both aggressive and sexual motives 97. Aversion therapy may involve a. Exposure to a foul odor when becoming sexually aroused to a deviant stimulus 98. “Rape trauma syndrome” a. Is now recognized as a post-traumatic stress syndrome 99. What are endophenotypes? a. Measurable traits that are thought to be linked to specific genes that might be important in schizophrenia 100. Which type of training has an emphasis on helping patients deal with their neurocognitive deficits? a. Cognitive r
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