PADP 6910 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Reading Company, Democracy (Video Game), United States Congress

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Lecture 1 : the competing values of public administration: de ning public administration, the implementation of public policies > administration & law enforcement. Large part of the role of pub. admin. The process of translating public policies into results (kettl) Limitation : ignores other aspects of policymaking (i. e. agenda setting, policy formulation, policy adoption, & policy evaluation: the practice of governance. The act of governing (policymaking, adjudicating, law enforcement, etc. ) Considers anything within the rubric of government policymaking & administration (i. e. budgeting, evaluation, implementation, policymaking (formulation & adoption), and advocacy/agenda setting) Public administration as politics by other means": politics-administration dichotomy (woodrow wilson) Argues its proper that wall of separation: bureaucratic responsibility (carl friedrich) vs. Bureaucratic responsibility > responsibility of public administration is to public good. Principals : superiors who shape the behavior of agents. Agents : those who carry out policies on behalf of supervisors (known as principals)

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