REAL 4000 Study Guide - Final Guide: Debt Service Coverage Ratio, Home Insurance, Financial Risk

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Cant figure out the cash flows in #25 test 3 find new pmt first, old pmt given, use outstanding bal as your pv left to pay off. N= 30*12 refinancing into another 30 year loan. Pmt=-1937. 66 take pmt difference 2155. 01-1937. 66=217. 35 plug in cash flows. F1= 30-5=25 25*12=300 this is pmts left on the old loan. F2=5*12 number of pmts left on the new loan. He gives you everything you already need in the question. Pv -need to recalculate. so that it takes out the discount points and the origination fee. Omit the 3rd party costs because you are trying to find lender"s yield. Fv=-157,990 (negative because that"s what you need to pay) 8*12= 96 now you cpt i/y and multiply by 12. Does anybody know how to solve #17 on test 3? you have to fill out the chart on the right first.