STAT 2000 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: List Of Poker Hand Categories, Human Hair Color, Sample Size Determination

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30 Oct 2014

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Classifies subject by an attribute or characteristic. Hair color, type of professor, make of car: quantitative. Weight, height, response time, number of miles traveled to work. Can take on any numerical value (including decimals) on an interval: weight of an athlete (150, 150. 01, 181. 312, etc, time taken to complete a lap, the current speed of an airplane. For the: population latter, which are discrete or continuous, length of an earthworm (in mm) Quantitative, continuous: region of u. s. (southeast, west, etc. ) Categorical: number of times in one month the creswell fire alarm goes off. Total set of subjects in which we are interested: sample. A subset of the population for which we have data: subject. A numerical value summarizing the population data. Ex: number of freshmen out of all stat 2000 students: statistic. A numerical value summarizing the sample data. Ex: number of freshmen out of a sample of 100.

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