TXMI 4250 Quiz: quiz 2 notes

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You want to be at least 3% or less failure rate. Bill of materials-all of the pieces and how much of each piece you need to make the product. Tech pack-how you put all the pieces together-instructions. Customer packaging requirements-tech packs help control this. Building a tech pack: everyone produces one differently. Start of manufacturing process here-must start it right. Hard to get back on track, avoid problems, if the tech pack is wrong. The goal is to get complete and accurate information to the sewing floor so there is no chance for misunderstanding. Asti standards-will tell you specifically what you want. Generally, the most common size that people buy from you. Grade rules-expand sizes out into other sizes. Sample spec sheet-what grade rules you"re going to use: shows points of measure. Product placement-merchandiser/ retailer should position item to where people will see it value equation: p decreases + q increases = max v.

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