TXMI 4250 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Lean Manufacturing, Production Planning, Critical Path Method

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Creative, technical, and product development come together. Takes the developed product + sales forecasting + manufacturing capabilities and combines them to satisfy consumer needs. Forecast and plan may not be 100%, but make adjustments as we go. Longer the forecast horizon, the worst the forecast-if you have a starting point, you improve the closer you get to the deadline. Aggregate forecast is more accurate: more opportunities to make adjustments. How much do they want?-smaller quantities takes less planning. Customer order date-can"t start making the order until they tell you what they want: your starting point. By the season: fall, spring, summer, winter, and holiday. Advertising: products must match up with promotion. Catalog drop: need to be able to deliver product when ordered from catalog. Normally a delivery window from 2-4 weeks: time where you have to get the good to the store, if you ship it after the date, they will cancel the order or require chargebacks.

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