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Ana: up, upon analysis, back anaphase, again anabaptists. Necropsy: examining tissue from a dead animal: root: necr/o: dead body, cadaver, examples: necromancer, necropolis (cemetery aka city of dead), necrophobe, necromancy, opsy- opsis: sight, appearance, optos: seen, visible, optic, optometry, ops: eye. Nekros: necrosis: process of death, applied at the tissue or cell level, used for death due to injury or disease, necrotizing: undergoing necrosis. Biopsy: examining/removing tissue from a live animal: biopsy root: bio human life, biography, biology, biome, opsy, biopsy"s are examined microscopically. Hematology: the study of blood: root: hem/o or hemat/o (blood, examples: hemorrhage, hematoma (mass of blood, rrhage: leakage, bursting, etc, oma: Whereas in cytology, cells are taken out of normal place and put into fluid: aspirations of cells. Acutely ill- short term of being ill. (dog"s stomach: acutely means short term, acute comes from acus, meaning needle, acute: sharp, in pathology, short frame, acute pain- very sharp pain.

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