VPAT 3100H Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Gums, Cheilitis, Malocclusion

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Mouth: medical term for mouth: oral cavity, buccal cavity. External: lips: labia, cheilitis (root we use for inflammation of the lips) Normal shapes: brachycephalic, root: cephanic meaning head, prefix: brachy, mesocephalic (means middle/normal, prefix: meso means middle; think mesoderm, root: cephanic meaning head, dolichocephalic, root: cephanic meaning head, prefix: dolichol means long. Abnormal shapes: prognathia, nathia is jaw, prognathia~ protruding jaw (abnormal jaw shape, maxillary (upper jaw, mandibular (lower jaw, abnormal shape can lead to malocclusion. Incisors (donkey: fangs (canines and horse, premolars & molars. 2 main type of categories in teeth of vet med: brachydont (shorter teeth, examples: carnivores, hypsodont (longer teeth, long because they are continually growing teeth, need to be filled, examples: rabbits/rodents are aradicular hypsodont. Surface of teeth: medial line (midline of the animal, lingual surface (surface facing into the tongue; opposite of the labial surface, labial surface (up against the lips, occlusal surface.