VPAT 3100H Study Guide - Final Guide: Laparoscopy, Intubation, Immunotherapy

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Veterinary terms in lay usage Word List
General Fields
Congenital vs. Hereditary
Spontaneous vs. induced
Vs. miscarriage
Asclepius- god of healing
Hermes/Mercury- god of traveling
Caduceus- symbol of healing?
Immunotherapy- using the immune system to treat
Intubation- inserting a tube into the trachea
Intubation tool- laparoscopy (scope for the larynx)
Morbidity vs. Mortality
Morbidity- disease rate
Mortality- death ate
Central line- a way to get into a large vein
Internship- one year program, usually unpaid program for specialization.
Residency- 3-year program usually, paid. Take a board exam to show credentials.
Placebo- a non-activing intervention
Animal Names
Male- sire
Female- dam
Male- Tom
Female- Queen
Parturition- Queening
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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