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Digital Advertising Notes and Examples

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ADV 199
Brett Clifton

Digital Advertising Any form of advertising through the mobile web or within a mobile app on a wireless cell phone or tablet device Text Messaging (not as much) Display Ads Video Social Media- Company’s have to have a smarter brand image Search QR codes Search in mobile and tablets Paid search Google= dominant search engine Advertisers use the first 5-6 adds for theirs to come up to the top in yellow pay for key words QR Codes came out about 10 years ago in magazines Now uses in smart phones People don’t use it Targeting with Impact Reaching consumers at the right time in a contextually relevant environment. Geofencing- Phone within 5 miles of target store? Target sends you an ad on search. How to think of digital All a user controlled medium Lifestyles rather then demographics Geography and time barriers are removed Facebook launches HOME features for cell phones HOW TO THINK DIGITAL / ONLINE High target ability Interactivity of the ad placemen
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