ATMS 120 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Stream Gauge, Thunderstorm, Landfall

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Flooding is the #1 weather-related killer in the united states and the #2 weather-related killer worldwide. In the audio lecture below, i will introduce you to this new topic and we will learn why it is so deadly. Flooding is the #1 weather related killer in the us over the past 30 years killing on average 93 people per year: virtually no place in the us is safe from the threat of flooding. We will begin by laying out the major features of each type of flood and then look into special cases to show the meteorology behind these natural disasters. The eastern and southern coasts of the united states are especially prone to flooding due to its gradual slope in elevation into the atlantic ocean and gulf of mexico. Each summer and early fall, hurricanes threaten the coastline with heavy rain and large waves.