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CMN 102
John Caughlin

Unit Two Study GuideNote This study guide is designed to help you focus and organize your studying efforts Anything covered in lecture discussion and readings is fair game for the examInformation DisseminationWhat is the sportsframeThere is a conflict of competitionresolution with winners and losersevents leading to resolutionpolitical coverage is portrayed as sporting eventsWhen the sportsframe is applied to political campaigns what are the central questions asked about the campaignwho is wininghow are they winningWhat is the problem proposal performance scheme and how does it differ from the sportsframepeople learn about candidates position better through Problems according to what voters care about instead of who is wearing a red or blue tieproposal what has each candidate proposed to address the issueperformance what about the candidates background suggests the ability to carry out the proposalIn what ways are journalists constrained and how are these constraints related to the sportsframeobjectivity not biasentertainmentinformativenessbrevity How do journalists establish that their news coverage is objectiveappear independent free from political pressureshow balancenonevaluative support only factsWhat are the main effects of the sportsframevoters do not learn much about the candidates positions and programs from the newsinvites public cynismstrategy makes it sound like they only want the number of votesWhat is face ratio Describe the findings from the content analysis and experimental portions of the study covered in discussion section page 121high just face low little face most body Study 1 content analysis when people look for patterns in media contentresult in news magazines men had higher face ratios than womenWhites had higher face ratios than minoritiesStudy 2 A bunch of articles were mixed up and people came in to rate the pictures result the people in the high face ratio were rated more positively smarter ambitious more attractive than lowface ratio Bias in the mediaMedia Effects What is mass communication the audience is bigHow does communication differ from communications on going process and interaction via technologyWhat are the three ways to study mass communication contentexposureeffectsBe familiar with types of media effects and examples affective effectsbehavioral cognitivepsychophysiologicalRelated to media effects what is magic bullet media effects were absolute and dependent on other factorsDescribe multiple factors that influence media effects exposure attention interpretationBe familiar with three theoretical frameworks of media effects study mentioned in lecture socialization behaviorsocial perceptioncultural studies who has the power in the mediaExplain the relationship between media and violencemedia and health page 129What is cultivation theory exposure to media shapes our beliefs about the worldMean World syndromeattitudes towards othersWhat is agenda settingmedia tells us what to think aboutjudge political leaders on how well they address issuethe attention given to an issue by media determines the publics perception of the issues
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