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Political Science
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Lecture 4  Constructivism: ideas in culture. The international system changes over time as ideas and beliefs change.  Realism, Liberalism, and the World System  Liberalism  Moralist and peace  Institutions restrict behavior  Less quantitative/more subjective  Neoliberalism (developed after realism)  Agree with as many realist assumptions, but go beyond states  Institutions after behavior by redefining interests  More quantitative (statistics, game theories, less philosophical theories)  Realism  States enter into treaty for their short term interests, don’t look at consequences  Neoliberalism  How will my not following treaty affect future interactions? Would not break treaty. Long term interests.  Realism – Dr. Morgenthau  Less systematic approach  Less quantitative/ more subjective  Neorealism  More systematic approach - Anarchy distribution of capabilities (some states
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