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Political Science
PS 280

Lecture 5  Constructivism  Ideas and culture shape society  No inherent “truths” – culture can change  Individuals, media, NGOs...anyone can shape IR culture  Construct – something new is being created and accepted  Idea of Global Warming/Climate Change – part of our culture now because the belief of environmentalism has been built up over time  Critique: Units of Analysis? (Realism: State; Liberalism: International Organization) Who to study?  U.S. Foreign Policy “Deciders” and Syria  President Barack Obama  Not up for massive invasions  Pretty conservative when it comes to military action abroad  Secretaries of State and Defense (what are their perspectives?)  John Kerry  Chuck Hagel  John Brennan (DCI)  American Military Leadership  U.S. Central Command General James Mattis  Extremely powerful military leaders in the U.S. – if we would potentially consider using force, we would hear from Mattis  Congress: 535  Power to declare war  There are members of Congress who would easily be against going into Syria  U.S. “Domestic” Actors on the Middle East/ Syria  AIPAC: American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee  American Media  Syria isn’t in the news too much – helps cause for not intervening  Human Rights Organizations  Inform of how many people have been killed  Pressing for minimum engagement  Public Opinion  Many Americans would have hard time finding Syria on the map  Probably wouldn’t want to intervene in Syria  Not front and center issue – no Americans dying there  Foreign Policy Actors in the Middle East  Syria: President Assad  “Free Syrian Army”  Israel  Completely with U.S. – doesn’t want to intervene  If Assad uses chemical weapons of mass destruction, U.S. and Israel will both intervene  Iran: President Ahmadinejad  High nuclear capabilities  U.S. trying to work to make them stop  Close with Assad  Says don’t mess with Assad because, if we do, they will respond  Hamas: Gaza Strip  Has received support from Syria and Iran in the past  Terrorist Group  Openly call for end of Israel and openly endorse suicide bombings  If Obama intervenes, what will be the response from Hamas? Will Hamas use force against Israel?  Palestinian Authority: West Bank  What will be their response?  Lebanon  Received 30,000 refugees in the last month  Wants to help, but how?  Hezbollah  Terrorist group 
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