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Political Science
PS 280

Lecture 6 Research on Mistakes & Perception  Faulty Historical Analogies  Munich Analogy: 1938 Conference = Appeasement to Hitler in Czechoslovakia (Vietnam ≠Munich)  NATO’s 1999 Bombing of Slobodan Milosevic Kosovo ≠Bosnia)  Faculty Assumptions  LBJ and “Domino Theory” – fear of losing all of Asia to Communism – proved to be inaccurate  “Shock and Awe” military strategy in Iraq  Show so much force that they’ll be absolutely terrified  Diversionary Theory of War  Attractive Idea: Rally around the Flag Effect and skeptical publics  Takes our attention away from whatever is going on and focuses it abroad  We will rally around the American flag almost always when force is used  Clinton comes out about affair. A few days later, he launches missiles on Aghanistan.  Contradictory Research: Economy?, Inflation?, Partisan Support?, Election years? = no consensus on what, if anything, results in diversionary strikes  Use of Force Decisions > involve many individuals  Obama and Bin Laden Kill???  High Unemployment and poor economy  Trump and people requesting Obama’s birth certificate  Divided Governmen
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