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Political Science
PS 280

Lecture #2 Central UN Institutions  Secretary General  Roles, Terms, Influence  Ban Ki-moon (1/1/2007)  2 term runs to 12/31/2016  Kofi Annan (former SG) Additional UN Institutions  Economic and Social Council or “ECOSOC” (54)  UNICEF, UNAIDS, WHO, UNHCR  UNICEF helps children primarily in the global South  UNAIDS deals with AIDS and helps to end discrimination of victims, pushes governments to help  WHO (World Health Organization) helps address global epidemics  UNHCR (The UN High Commission on Refugees) o Refugees tend to be women and children  International Court of Justice (15)  “World Court”  9 year terms, ~3 cases per year (U.S. has 70 a year and is still the weakest branch, so THIS is weak. State vs. State problems, NGOs can’t take case to this court, individuals can’t)  UN Peacekeeping  1 Generation of Peace keeping  Consisted of only 13 operations – occurred during Cold War Era – conservative and mandated  2nd Generation  Much broader mandate, much broader scope of interest  15 current operations  D mining operations – look in former war territories and look for bombs.  Humanitarian work  Much different after Cold War ends because much fewer vetoes, UN and member states get more ambitious (what can we do besides stand on the line and guard? Foster democracy?)  Broad Mandates  “Successes” o Mozambique, East Timor o In both situations, which involved very few U.S. troops on the ground (full non-American peace keeping operations), helped societies rebuild, helped elections go forward, registered people to vote… Mozambique now an independent state. Helped foster democracy.  “Failures” o Somalia, Rwanda, Bosnia, DRC o Somalia – American died, seen as failure o Hutus captured many Belgian peaceke
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