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PSYC 204

Psych 204- Intro to Brain and Cognition Review 1  Differences between a localizationist and anti- localizationist. Example would be phrenology. Come up with examples, problems, and the legacies of this doctrine.  Neuron doctrine- golgi-a web of things and all neurons were interconnected in one giant link and cajal- discovered the synapse and neurons were just units that processed information in the brain  What are the different parts of the neuron, what do they do, what occurs in the synapse? Know about specific glial cells (where can you find them and what do they do?)  Neurons with long axons can be a problem because transmitters have to travel a really long way, so the myelin acts as an insulator to speed up the process and allow for accuracy.  Depolarize the neuron to get excited, hyperpolarize the neuron to not fire it. All or nothing- either a potential fires or it does not.  Nodes of Ranvier- interruptions in the myelination, the places where there is not myelin. Why are they there? Signal gets weaker and weaker, so the nodes of Ranvier refresh the neuron and charge the signal back up.  Temporal and Spatial summation- Exam
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