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World Religions Final Exam Study Guide

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Religious Studies
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RLST 110

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World Religions Final Exam Study GuideJudaismTaNaKHJewish BibleThree sections Torah 5 the first five books of the Hebrew Bible Neviim 8 or Prophets which includes works of both prophecy and history and Khetuvim 11 or Writings a miscellaneous gathering of works in poetry and prose Taken together the twentyfour books that make of this collection constitute the core scriptures of JudaismFirstSecond Temple586 BCEBabylonian Exile the once independent Israelite kingdoms of Israel and Judah were destroyed Thousands of the Israelites were driven into exile or simply absorbed into the Assyrian and Babylonian empires In time the loss of the First Temple and of the kingdom of Judah became the archetype of all later tragedies of displacement that the Jews were to endure and would be commemorated in both prayer and practice70 CESecond Temple Period saw both the growth of the Jewish Diaspora and an increase in the Jewish population of Palestine as one empire succeeded another in turn Persian Ptolemaic Seleucid Roman There was no Jewish Sovereignty over the land There were not Jewish kings The sole remaining authority figures were Priests Oral LawThe body of teachings imparted by God to Moses on Sinai but never written down and subsequently transmitted orally to later generationsCovenantA biblical concept that describes the relationship between God and the Jews in contractual terms often thought of as an eternal bond between the Creator and the descendants of the ancient IsraelitesMishnah200 CE First PostBiblical Sacred Text for JewsTalmud500 CE Commentaries to Mishnah Seen as the second Torah A collection of expansive often highly imaginative interpretations of biblical law
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