IDS 200 Quiz: Test 1 Review

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University of Illinois, Chicago
Information &Decision Sciences
IDS 200
Fyfe John

IDS 200 Test 1 Review Outline Chapter 1 – The Importance of MIS Information Age and Digital Revolution Moore’s Law, Bell’s Law, Metcalfe’ Law, Nielsen’s Law, Kryder’s Law System Information System Five components of an information system Management Information System Information Technology vs. Information Systems Four non-cognitive skills Chapter Extension 1 – Collaboration Information Systems for Decision Making, Problem Solving and Project Management Collaboration vs. Cooperation Two critical components of Collaboration Three criteria for successful collaboration Four purposes of collaboration Operational vs. Managerial vs. Strategic Decisions Structured vs. Unstructured Decision Processes Components of a Collaboration Information System 1 Chapter Extension 2 – Collaborative Information Systems for Student Projects Three requirements for Collaboration Information Systems Nice-to-have features of Collaboration Information Systems Synchronous vs Asynchronous communication Synchronous communication tools Asynchronous communication tools Three alternatives for sharing content and the tools that support them (Figure CE2-8) Four capabilities of version control and their definitions Difference between version management and version control – version control limits and sometimes even directs user activity Three types of Collaboration tool sets – minimal, good and comprehensive – and the characteristics of each (Figure CE2-21) plus the fact that the comprehensive tool set requires additional cost and training Chapter 2 – Business Processes, Information Systems and Information Business Process BPMN standards (Figure 2-2) Business Process components – Activities, Roles, Actors, Repositories, Data Flows, Sequence Flows Two dimensions of process quality – Efficiency and Effectiveness Ways to improve business processes – adjust resource
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