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SOC 100

CH 1Sociology is the study of society and how peoplegroups within society interact It is set apart from other social sciences in that it is generally more broad and contemporaryBeginners mind is being able to look at things as if you know nothingopenSociological imagination is being able to connect a single persons circumstance to the larger sociological context C Wright Mills is credited with this ideaMacrosociology focuses on how big structures in sociology end up affecting individuals Microsociology focuses on how individuals can affect the big structures of societyStructural functionalism is the idea that society is comprised of different structures that each have a specific function Conflict theory is Marxism there is eventualinevitable class struggle due to inequality eventually resulting in social change Symbolic interactionism is the idea that meaning and society is constructed to face to face interactions between peopleAuguste Comte is one of the first people to begin the study of sociology He developed positivismKarl Marx is essentially the creator of conflict theory He thinks that capitalism is the general cause of the conflict between the proletariat working class and the bourgeoisie rich owners of production False consciousness is like hegemony where people accept the class differences that are not necessarily true Class consciousness is recognizing what a poor position youre in TermsCulture shock disorientation after being put into a completely different cultural settingPositivism the theory that sense perceptions are the only valid source of knowledgeScientific method the procedure of acquiring knowledge through observation and experimentationManifest function obvious intended functions of social structureLatent function less obvious unintentional functions of social structureCollective consciousness shared morals and beliefs common to a groupEmpirical based on scientific experimentation or observationSocial inequality unequal distribution of wealth power or prestige among members of societyEurocentric Tendency to favor European or Western histories cultures and values over other nonWestern societies CH 2Scientific methodoIdentify problemoReview literatureoFormulate hypothesis give operational definitions to variablesoChoose research designmethodoCollect dataoInterpret resultsoDisseminate findingsQuantitative research is numbers based whereas qualitative research is more written observation basedMethodsoEthnography studying people in their own environmentsAdvantages
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