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SOC 100

Week 6Race and ethnicity are socially constructed because the meanings attached to each are created maintained and modified over time through social processes in which we all take partRace is a socially defined category based on real or perceived biological differences between groups of people Ethnicity is a socially defined category based on common language religion nationality history or another cultural factoroRacebio ethnicitycultureSymbolic ethnicity ethnic identity only relevant on specific occasions IrishAmericans on St PatricksSituational ethnicity ethnic identity displayed or concealed depending on the situationMajority Minority whites are less than half the population but still dominant group in power California and TexasMinority group members of a social group that is systematically denied the same access to power and resources available to societys dominant groups but who are not necessarily fewer in number than the dominant groupsRacism one race more superior than the otherPrejudice generalized idea about a group that is unlikely to change regardless of evidence against itDiscrimination unequal treatment of one groupIndividual discrimination discrimination carried out by one person against anotherInstitutional discrimination discrimination carried out systematically by institutions that affect all members of a group that come into contact with itRace as an interactional accomplishment race is constructed through the interactions between different racial groupsRacial PatternsoFamilyBlacks more likely than whites and Hispanics to never marry to be divorced or to be widowedBlacks and Hispanic higher rates of teen pregnancysee fewer opportunities in educationworkoHealthBlacks lower life expectancy and health careMinorities exposed to factors that impact lifespan
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