PSY-250 Study Guide - Final Guide: Utopia, Heinz Kohut, Behaviorism

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30 May 2020

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Used to organize and integrate data found during the diagnostic assessment. Series of id-ego interactions in which children decrease their dependence on external controls and increase ego mastery of themselves and their world. Victim begins to identify/ react to the captor with gratitude and admiration. No, symptoms don"t necessarily have the same meaning in life of child that they do for and adult. Know the psychosocial stages and the ego strengths or virtues that apply to each stage and to the corresponding psychosexual stages (fill-in the blank) The study of individual and collective life with the combined methods of psychoanalysis and history. Yes, erikson engaged in several studies that show how culture and history shape personality. He compared the child-rearing practices of two native american groups, the sioux and the yurok. He undertook a number of biographical studies on important historical figures such as luther and gandhi. What did he determine about children"s play? (differences between boys" and girls" play)