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UKKHP 220Melody NolandSpring

KHP 220 Study Guide - Final Guide: Gonorrhea, Homophobia, Sexual Orientation

OC11607102 Page
Describe what type of methods are not recommended for teaching about stis and explain why. A lot of them can be disturbing especially for minors. There
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UKKHP 220Melody NolandSpring

KHP 220 Midterm: KHP 220 Midterm Study Guide

OC11607104 Page
Scrotum: acts as a (cid:862)cli(cid:373)ate co(cid:374)trol syste(cid:373)(cid:863) for the testes; duri(cid:374)g (cid:374)or(cid:373)al sper(cid:373)
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