ANTHRBIO 166 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Good Luck!!, Enculturation, Scantron Corporation

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30 Oct 2014

Document Summary

The following questions are exact examples of questions that appeared in the first hourly exam in this course in the fall semester of 1998. These are similar in format and tone to the questions you will have in your first hourly exam (but not necessarily the same questions or format). The cover sheet is as you will find it and the instructions are the same. You"ll have 40 multiple choice questions and 10 true or false questions in your exam. This excerpt includes just 5 multiple choice and 3 true or false questions. This example is for students who are concerned about the test format. Be sure to come to the class beforre the exam date; this is scheduled as a review day and professor fricke will discuss the exam in detail during that class. Directions: write your name and section number in the top.