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ANTHRCUL 101 Full Course Notes
ANTHRCUL 101 Full Course Notes
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The life of the people revolve around this (cid:498)jewel from the sea(cid:499) The string of islands east of papa new guinea are known as the kula ring. Kula is a shell found in the sea in the areas around papa new guinea. Crafted by people who live outside of the kula ring. Crafted into mwali (armbands) or bagi (necklaces) The mwali and bagi move in opposite directions around the kula ring to be traded from island to island. Yams are grown in return for mwali and bagi, men start their kula collection with yams. Versatile- decoration, status, entertainment, currency, power, way to make people work hard. Mystical aspects tongues are not their own but of a parakeet etc. They claim that their eyes are not their own but of a sea eagle, and that their. The papa people believe that the kula leaders turn evil in order to become.