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ANTHRCUL 101 Full Course Notes
ANTHRCUL 101 Full Course Notes
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Anthro class notes: the study of humans across space and time, or the study of human species and their immediate ancestors. In contrast to those in europe, south america, and asia, the united. States is one of the few countries that circumcises infant boys for non-religious regions. Specialties are paleoanthropology (interpreting fossil record to shed light on human biological evolution), human genetics, human growth and development, human biological plasticity, primatology. Not haphazard collections of customs and beliefs, but. Independent invention: the process by which humans innovate, creatively finding solutions to problem : globalization, as fact: the spread and connectedness of production, communication, and technologies across the world . If one part of the system changes, other parts change as well: ex. economic changes have social repercussions, attitudes and behavior about marriage, family, & children have changed, ex. International culture-cultural traditions that extend beyond and across national boundaries: ex. Indirect diffusion when items move between group a to group c via.