ASIAN 260 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Sui Dynasty, Work Group, Mercantilism

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Basic definition: though there is no directly physical evidence indicating the existence of xia dynasty, xia dynasty is also regarded as the first and mythical dynasty in traditional chinese history founded by great. Context: many scholars and historians such as sima qian always trace the original ancestors of chinese people to the people living in xia dynasty and trace the development of xia dynasty to three sovereigns and five emperors. But there is still doubt about the actual existence of xia dynasty. Xia dynasty is pretty significant in historical context because it could be considered as origin of chinese civilization. Basic definition: shang dynasty should be the earliest dynasty in chinese history supported by adequate archaeological evidence such as oracle bone inscriptions, succeeding the xia dynasty and followed by. It was also at peak of bronze age with a good many bronze products discovered in.

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