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CHEM 210
Brian Coppola

Your name: __________________________ Your student ID: ______________________ Chemistry 210 – Re-grade Note: this form must be attached to your exam Exams in organic chemistry are graded by a large number of GSIs and instructors in the fairest way possible. A point distribution is determined for each problem, and all graders follow that consistently. Even though we take great measures to grade accurately, mistakes can happen. If you have a simple addition error in points, just attach this page to your exam and indicate, below, where the problem is (exactly). We will re-add and adjust the score with no difficulties. If you believe that a problem on your exam was graded incorrectly, you may request a “re-grade.” Re-grades should only be requested if your answer seems to be correct based on the posted examination key. You cannot request a re-grade simply because you believe you should have received more credit for a particular answer. The key will not be revised after an exam was graded. Consistency in grading is the only way to be fair to all students. To request a re-grade: • attach this page to the front of your exam • indicate, below, where an error or errors were made • do not make any marks on your exam
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